I'm Aislinn Paul. You can call me Ace if you like. I play Clare Edwards on Degrassi: Now or Never. I'm sure you've heard of it. I live in Toronto, Canada. But I'm spending the summer in Miami.

NOTE: I am not really Aislinn Paul. This is just a roleplay. I am not affiliated to Aislinn in any way.

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so boreddd 

//YAY i actually remembered my email. i forgot it for like a day. haha 

Ahh, I see. I packed ahead because I was so excited!

haha i still have to get some shorts and tank tops! When do we leave again?

It is. Yes I am thrilled. (: How about you?

Im so excited. im almost packed. i just have to finish packing

That's good to hear. I'm great as well. :)

Thats awesome. But anyways are you excited for miami?

Miama here we come! 

Hey Aislinn! :D How're you?

JORDY! im great! 

How are you?

Aislinn! :)

Cristine how are you?